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Inspection &



An Inspection & Consultation is an excellent beginning step within the appraisal process. You will learn about what you have, its value, and how it relates in the current market. Our highly educated staff and certified appraisers will conduct the initial research. Then, our appraisers will discuss the findings as well as advise on any potential next steps.

We offer three different Inspection & Consultation options for our clients that are determined by a number of factors: client location, number of items being inspected, and size of the items being inspected. All Inspection & Consultation options do not include a written appraisal report and all values are communicated verbally. Should it be determined that you do need a report for reasons listed in the Appraisal Reports section, all payments for an Inspection & Consultation act as partial payments of the cost of an appraisal report.

Digital Inspection & Consultation

Our Digital Inspection & Consultation option allows us to remotely provide valuations in a digital format. This option well suits our clients who are not located near either our Chicago or Burr Ridge offices, or who possess oversized or too many items to bring to an office. You only need to provide some information and upload photos from your phone or computer. We will then inspect the items digitally and begin conducting research. After research is completed, one of our appraisers will call you and provide background information on the item and provide values and market information over the phone.


For  information on how to take photos that will allow us to conduct our research to the best of our ability, please see our guidelines on taking images for your digital inspection by clicking the button below.

In-Office Inspection & Consultation

Our In-Office Inspection & Consultation option involves you bringing the item or items that you would like appraised to our office in downtown Chicago.


Our appraiser would then inspect the item in its current condition and inform you of any information pertaining to the value of the item as well as any potential next steps.

On-Site Inspection & Consultation

Our On-Site Inspection & Consultation option involves an appraiser coming to your location or the location of the item being appraised, whether it be around Chicago, in the United States or even abroad! The appraiser will inspect the items that you wish to be appraised, take pictures, and send images back to our staff to investigate the appraiser's initial thoughts on the items, and report the findings on your item back to you verbally.

To learn more, please contact our office or leave us a message, and we would be happy to explain in detail.

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