Remembering Norman Rockwell

Many might describe art as an outlet for tranquility and understanding in this world. It has proven to be necessary as such in difficult times of war and confusion, especially in the United States. During periods such as the Great Depression and the devastation of Pearl Harbor, the American people needed a form of clarity and encouragement. Because of this, artists everywhere were utilized to illustrate posters, newspaper, and magazines. Out of the many illustrators emerged one who quickly became beloved by all: Norman Rockwell. In light of the past memorial weekend, MIR Appraisal would like to take this time to review a portion of Rockwell’s wartime paintings that were used as tools to insp

Blanche Hoschedé-Monet: In the Shadow of Claude Monet

A young woman, at the age of seventeen, found herself pushing a wheelbarrow full of canvases and an easel in the 1882 summer air. She was following her step father, Claude Monet, who, by a turn of events, was also her father-in-law. She already had six years of painting under her belt, as she had started to paint at age eleven, when she began to paint with Monet. They would set up together at various locations in Pourville, France, where Monet lived that summer. This summer of 1882 was the beginning of something great – as well as the start of something controversial. Blanche Hoschedé-Monet had a confusing childhood. Hoschedé’s family began to live with Monet and his first wife when Hoschedé