Aleksandra Kasuba

MIR Appraisal Services has recently had the opportunity to appraise a lifetime of work for Lithuanian artist Aleksandra Kasuba. Scheduled to have a retrospective showing of her work, the 95 year old artist has had an extensive career. Aleksandra Kasuba has been variously described as an environmental artist, urban planner, architect, and designer of living spaces, often employing a myriad of materials, such as fabric, marble, and brick, in unique, never before thought of ways, in service of developing a more responsible and sustainable relationship to the natural world. Born in Ginkūnai, Lithuania, in 1923, Kasuba studied formally at the Art Institute in Kaunas, Lithuania, in 1942-1943; and

Kerry James Marshall

MIR Appraisal Services has come across a wide selection of artists to research over the years. From small town Impressionists of the Midwest, to the modernists who helped shape the movements of the 20th century, our knowledge of these individuals is constantly expanding. Within this long list of names, there have also been a significant amount of female artists. While some of their names might not be as well known, we here at MIR want to make it our job to spend Women’s History Month educating our followers of their accomplishments. In transitioning from Black History Month to Women’s History Month, we thought our first blog would reflect the recent Chicago mural dedicated to the cultural im