Artist Biographical: Alexander Calder (1898-1976)

Alexander Calder was born on July 22, 1898 in Lawnton, Swatara Township, Pennsylvania. The famous mobile-creating artist was born into a strong artistic legacy with both his father and grandfather being accomplished sculptors, and his mother being a successful portrait painter. As a child, Calder was known to experiment with wires, forming sculptures of animals, and creating small jewelry pieces for his sister, Peggy. However, despite clear artistic talents, Calder had an interest in mechanics that he sought to pursue, and went on to study engineering at the Stevens Institute of Technology in 1915. He did not pursue a formal art education u/ ≥≥ ntil 1923 when he entered the Art Students Leag

Artist Biographical: Lucien Clergue (French, 1934-2014)

Lucien Clergue’s career was shaped by tragedy, opportunity, and experimentation. In a time where photography was just beginning to artistically evolve, Clergue saw to it that his pictures would capture the same beauty, shape, and engagment that other art forms had been doing for years. Born in Arles, France in 1934, Lucien was exposed to the turmoil of war at a very young age. Having been evacuated to the countryside due to the destruction brought on by World War 2, he returned at the age of ten to find his home completely destroyed. While struggling with the needs of everyday life, as well as the illness of his mother, Clergue managed to receive access to his first camera at age thirteen. W