Eisenstaedt and the Appraisal of Photography

Alfred Eisenstaedt’s work has come in and out of MIR Appraisal Services’ office for years. The famous LIFE Magazine, black and white photographer is world renown and can be found nearly everywhere. From college dorm room posters of the VJ Day in Times Square, to framed prints of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, people have purchased recreations of this photographer’s work for years. While Eisenstaedt’s work has stood the test of time through its ability to capture both the beauty of everyday life and iconic moments of history, many people are often unfamiliar with the photographer and his professional achievements. The famous, self-taught, photographer was born in Dirschau, Poland in 1898.

Keith Haring's Impact on Chicago

Over the last few months, we have had the honor of inspecting and researching several different Keith Haring (American, 1958 -1990) works. MIR Appraisal Services has a long history of analyzing Haring’s work, including the 1989, 480-foot mural, “At The Pinnacle” created by Haring and 500 Chicago Public Schools students from 40 various Chicago High Schools. In May of 1989 Haring traveled to Chicago, where he intuitively, and with remarkable speed, created the base of the mural by painting the thick, black, and clean lines of his iconic simple images on whitewash panels of Masonite that stretched for two city blocks in Grant Park. A headline in the Chicago Tribune read "Teens tap their own cr