Jamini Roy

Due to a recent on-site inspection with a new client, our staff at MIR Appraisal Services began researching the famous Indian Modernist, Jamini Roy. A quick search of this artist revealed that his work is highly coveted in auction houses all over the world. Roy, with his emphasis on linearity and use of bold colored, mineral based paints, is considered the father of modern art in India. Jamini Roy began his artistic career, like many other artists at the time, with an education at the Government College of Art in Kolkata. While having been born in the Bankura District of West Bengal in 1887, his artistic style was quick to match the tone of the West due to British influence in India at the t

The African Art of Fantasy Caskets

It is common for MIR Appraisal Services to have the opportunity to inspect works from famed modern artists like Chagall, Dalí, and even Picasso. However, as a fine art and personal property appraisal business, we also get the opportunity to see just how far the term of "art" extends into our client’s personal collections. This week, MIR has been researching the African art of fantasy coffins. Our findings also brought to light a common question as to whether or not there is considerable difference between fine art and craft. Some view art as a more conceptual practice and craftsmanship as a discipline, while others see the two as interchangeable. Regardless of individual stances on this dich