Meissen Porcelain: History Meets Quality

Any individual or collector who takes an interest in porcelain knows the name Meissen well. But why are items made by the Meissen Porcelain Manufactory so well known and valuable? It is because Meissen has continually produced high quality hand-crafted work since their founding as the first hard-paste porcelain manufactory in Europe. Meissen porcelain is made in Meissen, Germany, just outside Dresden. The manufactory was founded by the Prince-Elector of Saxony, Friedrich August I in 1710. However, the foundations of the manufactory began much earlier, when the Prince-Elector of Saxony took a young alchemist, Johann Friedrich Böttger, under his protection. Böttger was meant to chemically prod


During the summer of 2011, MIR Appraisal received an inquiry from a client in central Illinois, with regard to a large sculpture installed in the backyard of their beautiful estate. Although previous art world sources, including auction house specialists and other experts, had deemed the sculpture inauthentic and relatively worthless, the client remained convinced of its value and sought an additional opinion from MIR Appraisal’s senior appraiser. The initial photographs of the work indicated that further investigation was needed, and our senior appraiser traveled to the estate to view and evaluate the sculpture on-site. This on-site visit initiated a lengthy research process that would ulti